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1/7/06 04:16 pm - blah blah blah

school was great..minus wakin up @ 5:10..

dad still an asshole.nothin new

maggie frye still a hot bitch....

and Kalen still my bf who now likes to stand me up 2x in a week

wat a bitch..<3

11/30/05 08:04 am - from a mouse to a girl like me to a boy

i got accepted into Atlanic o Thursday i go and register and monday i attend. but today i'm goin to the Hilton to go apply and umm i don't know what else i will do today. my brain is lke not working.

i had the wiredest dream again..oh wait i always do


11/29/05 10:28 am - A.D.I.D.A.S

School is such a pain in the ass.....but i'm not even enrolled yet  (meeting @ 5 with Atlantic)

So i haven' talked to Kalen in forever..where are you?..i miss you

Mike said he saw you crossing the railroad tracks with some girl holding her hand?.

who knows i'm starting not to care...

bored bored bored


11/28/05 12:45 pm - too kool fo school

omg school is such a drag..errr so i didn' get registered my dad has to go there...but no hes as stuborn as a donkey..!arghhhhhh!!

i saw ms.Maggie Fry (thanks for the coke a cola)

now i have to go to NSb for  report card......

i'm so chaotic

Kalen i miss you

11/25/05 08:21 am - Tuesday - Wednsday !CRAZY!


 i see Kalen go pay off the water deposit. We hang out at the park firsy or a lil bit. and main love in shrubs by the water i so amazing.! So we got to the new house turns on everything i show him the house then we head home. My dad picks up Maggie then we have hot dogs and  marshmallow hoop contests. it was crazy!!


We wake up eat burnt hot dogs and go to the bus at 9:30 with marshmallows to the Hilton. So Kalens there and ego and his friend goes then he leaves and wesee MIKE!!! then its like ahhhhhh crazy then we get back on and we go eat then we got the mall and get in a fight. So i wear a size 8 and were like mad thenit gets bette. it was ok. it was crazy..blah blah blah


gooblegoobl goobl i ate turket at the new house i was good but boring i had fun.

o school mondy and shopping Tommorow and sunday gotta look good..blah blah bla that it



11/21/05 07:57 pm

Your Birthdate: March 29

You have the mind of an artist, even if you haven't developed the talent yet.
Expressive and aware, you enjoy finding new ways to share your feelings.
You often feel like you don't fit in - especially in traditional environments.
You have big dreams. The problem is putting those dreams into action.

Your strength: Your vivid imagination

Your weakness: Fear of failure

Your power color: Coral

Your power symbol: Oval

Your power month: November

11/21/05 07:16 pm - Theres only one me and you

i'm bored terribly..my face feels dirty.

I hope i can see him tommorow..i really miss him..i love him..you've just been an asshole lately and don't pay as much attention to me as you did before. i sound so prissy.

i need a new camera..

blah blah blah bye

11/21/05 12:42 pm - A friend who bleeds is better

gooble gooble gobble....thanksgiving gonna sux

My days get worse and worse were packing and moving to the new house in Florida shores. Its ok i guess. but with work my dad gets mad..why was ai born into this family?...wtf did i do in my other life? must have been pretty bad!..

And i've been hanving the wirdest dreams they're like hard to explain and i always feel someone/soemthing making me go to sleep like if i wanaa wake up i do but then it lulls me to sleep?..i think i'm being hanuted?..so i can't sleep too well and my bf is i don't know this whole relationship is like my eyes gonna go downhill but i love him so i don't know what to do and my bff Maggie don't give a danm..!! i feel alone. omg i sound Emo.

For one day i just want someone to cook for me, wash my clothes, you know take care of me..hahahah i'm so dreamin..


11/18/05 02:46 pm

Totally in LOVE

11/3/05 03:11 pm - i'm back

ok so i was like in foster care for like a month but now i'm back with my dad..

ok pick up your jaw! i know i know nothings changed but that can you do?

so me and him got back together..and i'm looking for a job..so i can go to storefront.

i wanna see him i have'nt yet. we have to hide again

I Love You

please don't do it again

DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE now mainstream?..


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